30 day Third Party Motor Cover - Testimonial

Written by Jemila, April  19, 2018.

Tim | Third Party Motor Cover client

“My car recently stayed without insurance and I didn’t drive it for a week because I was waiting for insurance brokers to come back to me…” a comment by Tim, our first client to purchase CoverApp’s 1 month Third Party Motor cover.

From this testimonial and others, we at CoverApp have come to realize importance of the ‘Here & Now’ experience demanded by today’s customer. The world is fast changing with technology allowing one to have almost everything delivered at their doorstep. At CoverApp we have responded to the needs of our customers by making the access & purchase of insurance convenient & delightful. We have eliminated the queues and paperwork at the point of purchasing a cover or making a claim.

Within 15 minutes, Tim had his insurance sticker delivered and happily got his car on the road again. This type of cover gave him some time to work on renewing his comprehensive car insurance without any pressure.

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